Although we cannot guarantee placement as an incentive for a student to enroll, USCA offers placement assistance to its students. We maintain records, and post notices, for area salons looking for qualified stylists and technicians, and we will work toward placing graduates in the salon they prefer. Salon owners and managers are regularly scheduled to make presentations to our students, to demonstrate skills and speak about their salon’s career opportunities. Career counseling, as well as academic and individual counseling, is available to students.

  • USCA/USMT Counseling Services

Completion Rates

As reported in our most recent accreditation annual report, out of 151 students scheduled to graduate in 2018, 100 graduated within 150% of the scheduled course time, or 66%. Out of the 151 students scheduled to graduate in 2018, 51 students did not complete the program.

Licensure Rates

A four-year average graduation rate for all USCA programs, 2015-2018 is 65%. Out of 99 graduates who took the exam in 2018, 95 passed, or 96%. A four-year average for 2015-2018, for all USCA programs, was 97%.

Placement Rates

Out of 100 graduates in 2018, 80 responded to surveys that they had found a job in their field, or 80%. Others did not respond to the survey. A four-year average for 2015-2018, is 79%.